Sand Castle By: Simon


It started off with my brother being sick.  It moved on to my mom and I catching a freaky cab plus the cabs have NO seat belts.  We got what we went for but had to walk back.  I almost died of heat but luckily there were bunnies and chocolate to sustain my mortal soul.  We got back my brother ate mac n cheese instant cure.  We went swimming for a bit. And then went to the beach and made the best sand castle EVER!!  All in all it has been a great, great day!!

P.S.  Im writing in the same hammock as before.

3 thoughts on “Sand Castle By: Simon

    • yes please!

      some sort of non toxic good face sunblock…mine was confiscated at the airport because I accidentally had it in my carry on!
      I’m thinking you should look into a bus trip to Parque National Tayrona…we’ll get there tuesday morning. I’ll email to let you know if its for sure worth it. If not, we’ll stop by and pick you up and head south maybe???

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