About Us

St. Martin Shooks:

We reside in Southwest Washington. We share many hobbies and love to spend time together.

Darin's iPhone4 432013 184

gender: Male
Age: Soon to be 40
Occupation: Chiropractor
Top 3 places favorite places to be: On my bike, on skis, with my family
What I’ll miss the most: Northwest microbrews, Midwest microbrews, hops, barley, malt. Oh, and my friends.
Goals on this trip: aprender espanol, be ok with getting lost.

California summer 2013 327

gender: female
Age: 30 something
Occupation: Chiropractor
Top 3 places to be: In my kitchen with family and friends, at work, on my surf board, on my skis, on my bike, in my tree house…
What I’ll miss the most: my friends and family, my juicer, skiing, my nephew’s birth.
goals on this trip: SURF in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chili. Read, learn to let go…a lot.

Anik's iPhone 1_5_14 103

gender: male
Age: Turning 11 in May
Occupation: 5th grade student
Top 3 places to be: In a plane, on a mountain and with family
What I’ll miss the most: Our dog and my friends
goals on this trip: Have fun and not get stupid

Darin's iPhone 1_5_14 210

gender: male
Age: 8
Occupation: 2nd grade student
Top 3 places to be: With family, in the mountains, at “kidz club”
What I’ll miss the most: my house, my dog, and my friends
goals: Have fun, have a good time, check out Indiana jones-like Nazca lines

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have to say yhat marco looks very handsome with his indiana jones hat and of course simon is also very handsome which i guess they take from dad and mom keep writing and have a blast

  2. I just caught up on your last several posts & totally got sucked in! It’s like reading an adventure novel- a delightful alternative to grading 🙂 Wow- amazing, you guys. Keep the photos & stories coming- miss you all much! Please inform Marco (and Darin lol) that Stripe is doing very well. Also, I’m assuming you don’t mind if I share some of your posts on my FB page. Let me know otherwise! xoxo

    • Hey TJ! So nice to hear from you! Thanks for checking in! We miss you all too! Marco was just talking about stripe, he’ll be glad to hear all is well. No worries, please post anything you want!

  3. Just found the blog and have been captivated! I am so envious of your adventures and the experience you all are having as a family! What a crazy opportunity for you and the boys! Will continue to check in! Hope to connect with you all when you get home! It’s been way too long!

  4. What an amazing adventure. So glad you are blogging your trip so we can vicariously follow along with you all. And thank you for all the pictures. Just amazing!! Que Dios te proteja de todo, mientras que en su viaje! Disfrutar y ser bendecidos.

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