Days 1,2,3 by: Simon


First, we took a 4 and a half hour flight to JFK International Airport in NYC.  3 Hours later, we got on a plane to S.A/South America and waited 3 hours to take off.  Guess what!  Our flight was cancelled because of a snow storm.  The next day, we caught a plane at 7:30am and I watched movies almost the entire time.  When we got off, it was humid and about 90 degrees F.  We got into two cabs.  Our driver was a maniac.  There were literally no lanes.  I am now writing from inside a hammock by a pool.

PS: I befriended a parrot named Picololo.

5 thoughts on “Days 1,2,3 by: Simon

  1. Simon, I like your friend Picololo, from the colors I cannot tell if it is a male. Sure looks cute though. Does it live at your Hotel? Was the hammock one of yours or just one by the pool? We are really excited for the four of you as you start your trip in South America. Sorry about the snow, just adds to the adventure. I stayed in the same hotel many years ago on a work trip to England because of a snow storm that made us just late enough that they gave our seats to someone else, so we had to stay over night and catch another plane the next day, Jan 1st, New Years day, about 1983.

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